Resolve Partners with B1G1: Making Positive Change Through Giving

Resolve and B1G1's logos

Resolve is thrilled to announce their new partnership with B1G1, a global giving platform. This collaboration is a significant milestone in Resolve’s efforts to create positive impacts both locally and globally.

By using B1G1’s giving platform, Resolve can now easily support social causes that align with the company’s values. With hundreds of registered charities and thousands of ‘giving projects’ to choose from, Resolve can support a wide variety of causes both in the UK and overseas. The B1G1 platform offers a broad range of impactful projects, including education and clean water initiatives, health and wellness programs, and much more.

The partnership between Resolve and B1G1 is a powerful collaboration that brings together two innovative companies with a shared vision of making a difference in the world.

One of the key benefits of using the B1G1 giving platform is its ease of use. Donations can be made to any of the thousands of giving projects on the site with just a few clicks. Each project has a detailed description of the impact and a timeline of the project’s progress, providing full visibility of the tangible differences being made in the world.

Another significant advantage of this partnership is the transparency and accountability it provides. B1G1 has a rigorous screening process for its projects, ensuring that every initiative supported through the platform is sustainable, impactful, and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The B1G1 platform also provides detailed reports on the progress of each project, giving businesses full visibility into how their donations are being used.

Resolve’s partnership with B1G1 is an exciting development in the world of social impact and corporate social responsibility. By working together, they are creating a powerful platform that empowers businesses to make a positive impact on the world. As we move towards a more socially conscious and sustainable future, partnerships like this are crucial for driving positive change and creating a better world for all.

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