HVAC Solutions

Our HVAC solutions meet diverse heating and cooling needs for projects, ensuring optimal climate control for construction sites, events, or temporary facilities.


Our HVAC equipment hire service offers solutions for various heating and cooling requirements. Whether maintaining comfortable temperatures on a construction site, providing climate control for an event venue, or managing environmental conditions during renovations, our carefully curated inventory has the equipment to meet specific needs.

HVAC solutions, encompassing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, deliver comprehensive climate control for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. These systems optimize comfort, energy efficiency, and air quality, ensuring a tailored and sustainable environment for various applications.

At Resolve, we prioritize efficiency, reliability, and energy conservation in our HVAC equipment. Our fleet includes high-quality heaters, air conditioners, fans, and ventilation systems sourced from reputable manufacturers. Regular maintenance and inspections ensure our equipment operates at peak performance, providing reliable climate control solutions.


Safety and compliance are integral to our service. All our HVAC equipment adheres to industry standards and features safety elements for secure operation. We understand the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for your workforce or event attendees.

Flexibility is a key feature of our service model. Our HVAC equipment hire offerings feature customizable rental terms to accommodate the unique timelines and requirements of your projects. Whether needing short-term rentals for an event or extended HVAC solutions for a construction project, we have the flexibility to meet your needs.

Choose Resolve for HVAC equipment hire services prioritizing efficiency, safety, and flexibility. Contact us today to discuss your project’s heating and cooling requirements, and let us provide tailored solutions ensuring optimal climate control for your specific applications.

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