Temporary Fencing & Hoarding

Our fencing and hoarding offerings are designed to provide construction sites, events, and projects of all sizes with secure, customizable, and compliant solutions for temporary barriers.


Our temporary fencing and hoarding options cater to the diverse needs of construction and event management. Whether you need to secure a construction site, manage crowd control at an event, or create a safe environment for any temporary project, our range of solutions has you covered.

Our fencing and hoarding solutions offer security and privacy for construction sites, events, and projects. With sturdy construction, our options provide effective boundaries, ensuring safety and controlling access to designated areas efficiently.


At Resolve, we prioritize safety and compliance. Our fencing options are designed to meet industry standards, ensuring that your site or event adheres to necessary regulations. The robust construction of our materials provides a secure perimeter, enhancing the safety and security of your project or event space.

Versatility is a key feature of our temporary fencing and hoarding hire service. Our range includes various styles and sizes, allowing you to customize the solution to meet your specific needs. Whether you require mesh fencing, anti-climb panels, or high-security hoarding, our diverse inventory has the options to suit your project requirements.

Flexibility is integral to our service, and we offer adaptable rental terms to accommodate the unique timelines of your projects. Our team ensures timely delivery, setup, and removal of temporary fencing and hoarding. This allows you to focus on the success of your project without the hassle of a prolonged setup process.

Choose Resolve for hire services that prioritize security, compliance, and customization. Enquire below or call our account managers today to discuss your project requirements. Let us provide the temporary barrier solutions that elevate the safety and functionality of your construction site or event space.

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