Our Team & DNA Principals

Own It.

The job isn’t done if it’s not done right. A high level of customer service means that at every stage of the process, we’re delivering our best. Yes, errors happen. Things don’t always go to plan. But if we come across a challenge, we tackle it head-on. And manage expectations — every step of the way.

Build Success Together

We have a big vision for the future. We’re building our business through ambitious individuals; those who are driven to achieve high levels of success. We want to see everyone thrive and hit their professional and personal goals.

But it can’t happen through any one person alone. Our success is built together – and it requires a strong team mentality to make it happen.

Bring Positivity

Ok, so not every day is going to be the best. And we all know that not every job goes right. But negativity isn’t part of our success story. We’re growing our company on positive attitudes and driven individuals who want to be part of our journey.

Our Team


Nick Smith
Director & Co-Founder

Matt Hamill
Director & Co-Founder

Account Managers

Nathan Whitton
Operations Manager

Adam Hobbs Photo

Adam Hobbs
Lead Account Manager

Sam Taylor
Senior Account Manager

Georgina Staff photo

Georgina Barfoot
Senior Account Manager

Jessica Barfoot
Senior Account Manager


Matt Spooner
Senior Account Manager

Piotr Stroinski
Account Manager

James Lawton

James Lawton
Account Manager

Ben Upton
Account Manager

Account Manager


Leah Johnston

Leah Johnston
Finance Lead

Jodie Fitt
Finance Administrator

Tash Calvert
Purchase Ledger Administrator

Maima Staff Photo

Maima Nouamani
Finance Assistant

Christian Grech Staff photo

Christian Grech
Finance Apprentice


Toby Hallett
Marketing Consultant

Noah Galimberti photo

Noah Galimberti
Marketing Assistant

Administration, Learning & Development

Nik Miller

Nik Miller
Learning & Development manager

The. Boss.